Miauli series now available on MooiKasteel.com!

So, are you ready to fall in love with a lovable talking cat called Miauli? Well, I hope for your sake so, because Miauli the cat has arrived!

Initialy an adventurer who sails around the world with a sailing ship, looking for adventure, Miauli the cat finds a bird called Veertjies on an island, the latter of which tells him of what would become a great discovery for Miauli: Music Island, a place where the animals love to sing!

And so, Miauli and Veertjies end up on Music Island, where they go on to have many exciting, wonderful, funny and gripping adventures.

This series is the result of the astonishing puppetry skills of Marius Mooikasteel and Janda Walters. The animals literally seem to come alive on screen.

Miauli was designed by Marius Mooikasteel, assembled with the sewing skills of Janda Walters, and is one of many creatures brought to life by Mooikasteel Motion Pictures.

Miauli is also voiced by Marius Mooikasteel, an actor skilled in the art of both live acting and voice acting.

The themes and stories are the brainchild of Janda Walters, who then in partnership with Marius Mooikasteel adapt them for the screen. Janda Walters also composed about 80 per cent of the music, and the other 20 per cent is by Marius Mooikasteel.

Come and enjoy the adventures of your new motion picture friends, Miauli and all his friends on Music Island! You can start viewing Miauli series 1 by clicking here.

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