EENDAG S1/E02: I'm going to be a celebrity!

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Kevin's sister is in a hotel, preparing to go to a shoot for a commercial for flea powder. She rings up her mother to tell her the good news, and that her new glamorous stage name shall henceforth be "Mevrou Tillie Visieu Beeldradio". Or for short, T.V. Beeldradio. She's hoping that that would work in on the subconscious of television directors and the like, who will then think of Miss T.V. Beeldradio for all their television characters first.

Her mother, Isadôra, tells her that she has been working on writing a musical called "Mevrou Bloemerus". It's about a woman who simply loves flowers so much, she seems to adopt them as children.

Meanwhile, Kevin arrives home after a long day of tending to the sheep. He was all excited about continuing his work on his robot plan for "Robbie 2". Unfortunately he finds that his best buddy furry friend Majoor Blaffinski has ripped his work to shreds. Kevin abandons the plan for Robbie 2 and decides to rather focus on creating a shepherdbot that can help with the sheepfarming business.

Kevin's brother Barend Sweefarend Junior, the pop star, is having a dream about one of his performances on stage in front of a large crowd, when suddenly there's an explosion and a monstrous demonic creature appears, offering him riches in return for helping spread a certain message.

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